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August 22, 2023 5 mins read

Crafting Error Messages: The Unsung Hero of the Developer's Toolkit

Cloud computing, Java, TypeScript—whatever technology you’re diving into—there’s one constant that remains: errors. It’s an inevitable part of software engineering. But, are all error messages created equal? The answer is a resounding ‘No’. In our exploration today, not only will we delve into the art of constructing meaningful error messages, but we’ll also introduce an innovative approach—crafting a custom exception class. This technique promises to elevate the clarity and actionability of our errors, positioning them as invaluable tools rather than mere nuisances.

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June 08, 2022 8 mins read
Cloud Business

How Cloud Services Revolutionize Customer Experience

We hear a lot about technical debt, which leads to the storage of data in closed-off legacy systems. These include on-premises servers, databases, applications, and workloads that are defined by departmental and divisional silos. Without the ability to share data across your business (using security and access constraints), it’s impossible for an SMB or enterprise to work cohesively to deliver new services and products. The goal is to use data to anticipate—not just respond—to customer experience demands across customer-facing applications, web portals, and all channels.

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January 18, 2022 6 mins read

Team Topologies: Reduce cognitive load of software teams

Anyone who works with software teams and has to implement features and deliver software knows all too well that efficiency matters. When product teams are forced to deal with time-consuming admin, valuable working hours and even days are lost and precious resources wasted. The Team Topologies approach is a great way to reduce the cognitive load. I first heard the term about a year ago. And now many in the industry are talking about it.

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