April 2013 - April 2014 1 mins read

High Performance Message Oriented Middleware

HPMOM is a message oriented middleware leveraging the power of software-defined networking (SDN) to achieve line-rate message throughput and in-network content-based filtering. The underlying pattern of HPMOM is a publish-subscribe system, where publishers publish to and subscribers subscribe to certain message topics. Each topic has a defined number of attributes. In order to minimize bandwidth usage the HPMOM system uses the available subscriptions based on the topic attributes to filter and duplicate messages on the way to their destination. Hence, we achieve line-rate performance while minimizing the overall bandwidth usage at the same time.

The following example illustrates the in-network filtering capabilities of HPMOM:

In-network filtering with HPMOM

In order to support in-network content based filtering messages published by publishers are published to a certain prefixed IP addresses using UDP packets. The IP address contains encoded information of the actual message attributes so that the SDN switches can distinguish the content of the message packets without inspecting the packet data. This enables the switches to forward the packets only on routes with matching subscriptions.

Project Background

The project was developed by a team of 9 students. My role in the team was the project leader and besides that, I was responsible for the quality assurance.

Used technologies include: Java, Software-defined Networking, mininet, jbehave