August 2015 - November 2015 1 mins read


Sidewise was developed in a full-time study project over the course of three months at the University of Stuttgart. Sidewise is an Xtext-based Eclipse plugin and is built with the Xtend language.

Sidewise provides an editor to edit Operator Precedence Grammars (OPG). OPGs must conform to a strict set of validation rules. The Sidewise editor is capable of validating and formatting the written grammar. In addition to that, it helps the user by highlighting rule violations with context aware information.

From the grammar the editor is capable to generate artifacts that simplify the development of Eclipse plugins for formal verification. Leveraging the OPGs, the plugins are based on incremental parsing and evaluation. In addition to that, Sidewise provides a framework supporting the development of an Eclipse plugin to integrate sidecar (a verification tool) into Eclipse for end users.

The project was supervised by Antonio Filieri, who provided the theoretical background and input for the incremental verification.