Occasionally I have given talks on meetups or conferences. Find here a selection of the talks I gave.

The Secret to Success: Exploring Kubernetes in my Recent Webinar

In a recent live webinar, I delved into the rising importance of Kubernetes for IT organizations, focusing on its implications for mid-sized enterprises. We explored how this technology can help businesses confront market challenges, and I provided a practical guide for implementing Kubernetes, fostering an open dialogue with attendees to discuss further queries.

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A Deep Dive into DevSecOps: My Conversation on the Security-Insider Podcast

In a recent episode of the Security-Insider Podcast, I, Fabian Keller, delve into the transformative impact of DevSecOps on IT system security and discuss the balance between safety and security. Listen to the full episode for insights on the benefits of rapid iteration cycles, the importance of a security-oriented mindset, and the role of threat modeling in proactive security planning.

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The Challenges of Taking Open Source Cloud Foundry to Production

When committing to Cloud Foundry some companies make the strategic decision to take full ownership of platform deployment and operations and deploy open source Cloud Foundry to fully understand all moving parts. While open-source Cloud Foundry has gotten rather easy to delpoy with the cf-deployment project, there is still a lot of more to do in order to make an open-source deployment production ready. This talk will show the challenges we’ve gone through…

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Cloud Foundry - A Platform for Everyone

Cloud Foundry is a cloud application platform that makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. The platform is recently being adopted by lots of companies to securely host thousands of applications while at the same time reducing operational burden for developers significantly. The platform is equipped with…

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